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Teahouse Ending
11 26, 2014

First of all, we'd like to thank you guys for all of your support and loyalty over the past few years. Without you, this comic would never have become what it is today and for that we'll forever be grateful. Thank you.

E and I have both reached points in our lives now where we can no longer keep doing Teahouse. For as much as it's brought to us through the years, it's also been a massive amount of work and though we'd love to keep doing it, it's just gotten unrealistic. We've talked about ways we could possibly keep the book going without us being as involved but none of them really work for us. I'm still dealing with school 3000 hours a day and E now has a full-time job in animation and between the two of us we have 0 hours to spend with our husbands let alone our gaybies. As much as you will miss us, just imagine how angry Axis is that E's not going to be able to draw that rimming scene I wrote for her. (I'm not even kidding. He was chin deep.)

So you might be asking yourself, “Well, what the fuck happens now? How does this shit end? Why are you all being such jerks?” to which we have a response: “Don't worry, we're going to tell you everything and post it all on the site and we're jerks because our mothers raised us wrong. Sorry. :(

Here's how it's going to work:

December 3rd: A written summary of Rory and Reed's storyline to the end.
December 10th: A written summary of Rhys and Axis' storyline to the end.
December 17th: A written summary of Linneus and Atros' storyline to the end along with Gilder, Sacha, Claret, Argent, and Lilith – because all of the secondary characters tie into them the most.

As for the books and merch, what's up in the store right now will be the the last of it. We don't plan on doing any more conventions so we won't be printing any more books or making any more merch. Everything left is on sale so if you were thinking about picking anything up, grab it then before it's gone forever.

For those of you on the BL tour, it's still on, E will still be there. Be sure to shower her with questions then cause it'll probably be the last time you can.

And now I'd like to just take a second to thank E. Thank you for listening to my immature ass when I first said to you, “DOOD. We could totally make a porno!!!” In retrospect it was pretty crazy that I literally pushed us into this venture with the thought, “how hard could it be?” If it weren't for you, Teahouse wouldn't exist, Emirain wouldn't exist, and most of all, I would have no idea that I'd want to pursue writing seriously. I am literally in school right now because you had faith in what we could do as a team and I don't know if I could ever properly thank you for that. You've literally changed my life. I love you forever, you are the Emi to my Rain. Thank you.

And to all of you who've been with us through it all, we love you too.





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AND THERE WILL BE A PART 4. Kill me now, I dunno how much energy I have left in me.

Sorry for the typos, I'm going to reread it in the morning and clean it up but I wanna post it now so that it's up. School's gearing back up and I'm in hell.

+ Gilder, Sacha, Lilith, Claret, and Argent

This picks up where Part 2 left off.

If you read the Reed and Rory ending, then you'll remember this:

"Back to Remy, she flirts with one of Lilith's clients while he's waiting to see Lilith. So then when Lilith comes down to meet with her client, he's no where to be seen. So Lilith and Rory go looking for him when they find him, fucking Remy in the ass in the maids' quarters.

Outraged, Lilith reports Remy to Atros and drags Rory into it. Unfortunately for Lilith though, Remy making a plea to Atros about how she wants to be a courtesan because she enjoys "all sorts of sex" and how it would "ultimately save Atros money," which of course wins Atros over.

Voila, Remy goes from the maid's quarters to Axis' room."

Lilith, able to see through Remy's BS sweet act doesn't like this. And Lilith being Lilith, she makes it known that she's not a fan and acts nothing but catty towards Remy. Unaware of just how conniving Remy is, Lilith makes herself Remy's new target.

Atros and Linneus are happy. Yes. You read that correctly, happy. They keep their relationship relatively quiet, but it's very obvious to everyone around them that their spirits are high and Atros in particular seems way less "everything's shit."

Yvette (who's now showing) in particular notices, and because she's thwarted his ability "to work" at home by turning his office into a nursery, Atros spends way more time at the Teahouse "working late" than she wants him to. Suspicious that Atros may be having an affair with Lilith, Yvette drops by the house more frequently "for tea" with Linneus.

During one of her visits, Yvette snaps and accuses Lilith trying to have an affair with Atros and Lilith adamantly denies it. Linneus tries to break it up but Atros gets pulled into the scene and puts an end to it. In front of several members of the house, including Remy, Atros admonishes Yvette and tells her point blank that she's wrong and that he's not sleeping with Lilith.

The scene snaps Linneus back into reality. Feeling extra guilty, Linneus asks Atros to look at their scenario realistically and questions whether or not what they're doing can last. Atros of course doesn't want to hear it but Linneus pulls away, concerned about the problems that'll rain down on Atros' unborn baby if Yvette ever found out about them. Atros insists that they'll be fine. That they just have to be more careful.

Sacha, while doing recon for a job with Gilder, mentions a job they'd been offered earlier and Gilder tells him he's still not interested. Sacha asks why and Gilder points out that if they took it, they'd basically be banishing themselves from ever entering Ivore again and Sacha asks why that matters, it's not like either of them are from there. Gilder brings up Linneus and Sacha immediately gets annoyed, tired of hearing about "the pink haired one." He asks what Gilder even sees in Linneus and without missing a beat Gilder starts listing off a long list of positive traits about Linneus which only pisses off Sacha more. Sacha tells Gilder to shut up before he chokes to death on his own stupid tongue.

Aware that Linneus and Atros are sleeping together, but wanting to get rid of Lilith, Remy catches Yvette the next time she comes over and turns on the innocent act. Acting sympathetic to Yvette and her very public fight with Lilith, Remy tells Yvette tells her that her suspicions are correct about Lilith. Before Yvette can react and flip out, Remy makes a suggestion that'll solve all of Yvette's problems. Remy points out: as Yvette's father is the still the technical owner of the Teahouse, he can just sell Lilith's contract without Atros' permission.

And that's exactly what Yvette does. She sells Lilith's contract to Byron, a client of Lilith's and the owner of another brothel that's Teahouse's main competition.

Side note: No, we never got around to coming up with a name for this house and yes, we were going to show Byron before this happened but of course, we never got that far.

Late at night, in a shitty hotel room while Gilder's asleep, Sacha climbs into Gilder's bed. Hands down Gilder's pants, Sacha tries to play with Gilder's butt hole when Gilder wakes up and puts a FIRM stop to that nonsense. He rolls Sacha over and onto his back and pins him down. Sacha squirms in protest and Gilder's like, "How many fucking times do I have to tell you it's not going to happen?" Sacha immediately starts bitching about how Gilder never lets him top, and how Sacha wants to top, and finally Gilder has to shut him up with a kiss and they start making out like it's not the first time they've done this. Because it's not. Suurrrrrrprrrriiiiise.

Yvette, Byron, and his men arrive at the Teahouse and announce that they're there to take Lilith. Confused by what's going on, Lilith refuses to go anywhere with them and Claret goes to get Atros, who's of course secretly canoodling with Linneus in his office. They both rush to Lilith's room where Yvette informs Atros that she's sold Lilith's contract and Atros is furious.

In the fight, Yvette tells Atros that she knows for a fact that he's having an affair with Lilith, because a courtesan told her, and that that's why she sold her contract. Atros, ready for a fight, argues with her while Linneus stands in the corner, silent. Lilith and Linneus exchange a silent look and Lilith suddenly interrupts the fight, yelling at all of them to be quiet nearly giving Linneus a heart attack.
All eyes on Lilith, she calmly tells Byron that she's going to need a day to pack her things before she's ready to go. Everyone's surprised by her response, but Lilith doesn't give a shit about their opinions and she tells them all to leave her room so she can pack.

Later that evening, Atros and Lilith talk. He promises that he'll do whatever it takes to get her back but Lilith stops him and tells him she's fine. Nonchalantly she tells Atros that she's has heard that Byron's brothel is larger, more luxurious, and if Atros isn't careful, soon going to overtake the Teahouse as Ivore's premiere brothel and quite frankly, Lilith deserves nothing but the best.

Atros asks her why she kept her mouth shut about Linneus and Lilith's reply is, "Because unlike your child bride, I know when to give up on a lost cause." In the middle of Lilith basically telling Atros that he ain't all that, Atros shuts Lilith up with a hug. She hugs him back and they have a quiet moment...

But it's fleeting because Lilith pushes Atros away and tells him she's taking all the jewelry she's been given. He tells her it's fine and kisses her goodbye on the forehead.

On her way out with Byron, Lilith sees Linneus who quietly thanks her for her silence and apologizes for what's happened to her. Lilith snorts and tells Linneus that she knows how to take care of herself and that it's Atros who doesn't but that's Linneus' problem now so whatever. Linneus tries to hug her but she waves him and his "cheap purfume" away and leaves, head up.

Sacha halfway carries a drunk Gilder into yet another sketchy hotel room. Bitching the whole way, Sacha leads Gilder to his bed and helps him undress. Drunk with grabby hands, Gilder gropes a pissy who slaps his hands away. Easily defeated, Gilder falls back against his bed and drunkenly asks Sacha why he doesn't love Gilder. Sacha tells Gilder to stop being an idiot and Gilder tells Sacha that he's serious and that he loves Sacha and then falls asleep telling Sacha that he's one of the most beautiful people Gilder's ever seen. (when he's not being so cranky) Instead of going to his own bed, Sacha curls up next to Gilder, pulls the covers up over them, and falls asleep.

For the next few days, Atros keeps his private rendezvous with Linneus to a minimum. Their physical contact's relatively innocent and fleeting and Atros forces himself to spend more time at home and with Yvette. Understanding how shook up Atros is about what happened to Lilith, Linneus gives Atros space.

Gilder comes back! When he requests to see Linneus and Claret tells him that's not possible, Gilder gets upset and asks to talk to Linneus or Atros. Before Claret can say anything else, Gilder spots Atros and asks Atros why the hell he can't see his dove. Atros asks Gilder up to his office and tells Claret to fetch Linneus.

In his office, Atros gives Gilder all of Linneus' jewelry that's still sitting in his desk drawer. Confused, Gilder asks him what's going on and Atros tells Gilder that he's hiring Gilder to get Linneus as far away from the Teahouse as possible. Confused, Atros explains that it's not safe here for Linneus anymore and that he wants Gilder to take him to another town to start a new life. Linneus comes into the office, surprised to see Gilder and confused at what he's stepped into. Atros asks Gilder to excuse them.

Alone in the office, Atros gives Linneus his contract and tells Linneus that he needs to go with Gilder. That if he goes with Gilder he can explain away not receiving any money for Linneus' contract to Yvette by explaining that Linneus and Gilder were in love. Linneus protests, not wanting to leave Atros OR his home but Atros is too terrified that Yvette might do to Linneus what she did to Lilith and he won't hear it.

Frustrated, Linneus tries to argue, saying that if he's the owner of his own contract that Yvette can't do anything to him but Atros shuts him down. Reminds him of his own words and how there's going to be a kid soon. A kid who might suffer because of them if Yvette ever found out and how Atros has to be a better father than his own. As much as Linneus wants to argue with Atros about this, he can't.

That night, Linneus leaves the Teahouse with Gilder.


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