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Teahouse Ending
11 26, 2014

First of all, we'd like to thank you guys for all of your support and loyalty over the past few years. Without you, this comic would never have become what it is today and for that we'll forever be grateful. Thank you.

E and I have both reached points in our lives now where we can no longer keep doing Teahouse. For as much as it's brought to us through the years, it's also been a massive amount of work and though we'd love to keep doing it, it's just gotten unrealistic. We've talked about ways we could possibly keep the book going without us being as involved but none of them really work for us. I'm still dealing with school 3000 hours a day and E now has a full-time job in animation and between the two of us we have 0 hours to spend with our husbands let alone our gaybies. As much as you will miss us, just imagine how angry Axis is that E's not going to be able to draw that rimming scene I wrote for her. (I'm not even kidding. He was chin deep.)

So you might be asking yourself, “Well, what the fuck happens now? How does this shit end? Why are you all being such jerks?” to which we have a response: “Don't worry, we're going to tell you everything and post it all on the site and we're jerks because our mothers raised us wrong. Sorry. :(

Here's how it's going to work:

December 3rd: A written summary of Rory and Reed's storyline to the end.
December 10th: A written summary of Rhys and Axis' storyline to the end.
December 17th: A written summary of Linneus and Atros' storyline to the end along with Gilder, Sacha, Claret, Argent, and Lilith – because all of the secondary characters tie into them the most.

As for the books and merch, what's up in the store right now will be the the last of it. We don't plan on doing any more conventions so we won't be printing any more books or making any more merch. Everything left is on sale so if you were thinking about picking anything up, grab it then before it's gone forever.

For those of you on the BL tour, it's still on, E will still be there. Be sure to shower her with questions then cause it'll probably be the last time you can.

And now I'd like to just take a second to thank E. Thank you for listening to my immature ass when I first said to you, “DOOD. We could totally make a porno!!!” In retrospect it was pretty crazy that I literally pushed us into this venture with the thought, “how hard could it be?” If it weren't for you, Teahouse wouldn't exist, Emirain wouldn't exist, and most of all, I would have no idea that I'd want to pursue writing seriously. I am literally in school right now because you had faith in what we could do as a team and I don't know if I could ever properly thank you for that. You've literally changed my life. I love you forever, you are the Emi to my Rain. Thank you.

And to all of you who've been with us through it all, we love you too.





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Page 225

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+ Gilder, Sacha, Lilith, Claret, and Argent

This picks up where Part 3 left off.

Linneus and Gilder spend their first night together in a local hotel, not too far from the Teahouse. When Gilder tells him that he's been instructed to take Linneus to another town, Linneus puts his foot down. Still upset about losing his Teahouse family, Linneus tells Gilder he's going no where. Ivore is his home and this time he has the power to decide to stay so he's going to stay.

Atros goes home. Dead inside goes home to Yvette. As difficult as it is for him, he gives her everything she wants, and tries to act as affectionate as she wants him to.

Days later, Linneus and Gilder wake up to the sound of angry knocking. It's Sacha and he's pissed because Gilder was supposed to meet up with him. What follows is an incredibly awkward argument between Gilder and Sacha about work and Linneus, IN FRONT of Linneus. Linneus being Linneus politely removes himself from the situation and gives the two the privacy they need to talk. He grabs his old jewelry on his way out.

Gilder and Sacha have at it. Sacha has had it with Linneus and he feels like he's getting in the way of their work. Gilder of course disagrees but there's no convincing Sacha. Sacha brings up that job he wanted to take that Gilder didn't. Gilder just thinks it's too dangerous. Having to leave Ivore forever aside, it's just too fucking dangerous and he doesn't want any part of it. Fired up Sacha finally gives Gilder an ultimatum: Either he does the job with Sacha or they're over.

Linneus finds a jewelry store and he takes his stash in to sell it. Surprised that he's interested in selling so many pieces, Linneus and the jeweler get into a conversation.

Reed offers to buy Rory and Remy contracts. Because he can't afford to lose ALL this courtesans, Atros refuses until Reed tells Atros to name any number and he'll pay it. Atros tells him he needs to think about it.

Atros goes through the books, figuring out how much he'll need to pay Yvette's father back and Argent does something incredibly uncharacteristic of her and she asks Atros, "What about Linneus?" Now that Atros has this opportunity to break free from Yvette and her father, she asks, is Atros is going to go get Linneus back and Atros tells her no. That it's too late for them and that he has has a child he has to worry about and besides... Linneus deserves better and hopefully Gilder can give it to him.

Linneus comes back to the hotel and finds Gilder drinking alone. He tries to lighten the mood by telling him that he got a job at the jewelry store and possibly a place to live above it, but Gilder is clearly down down down. Recognizing this sort of moodiness, Linneus has a sit down with Gilder.

Linneus asks Gilder if he's ever slept with Sacha. Gilder casually drops, "a few times" and Linneus just starts laughing. Shakes his head and mutters, "now I know how Lilith felt." Linneus sits Gilder down and they talk. Straight forward, Linneus tells Gilder that it's pretty obvious that Sacha's in love with Gilder. Gilder doesn't believe it (and understandably so since all Sacha ever seems to do is yell at him) but Linneus doesn't back down and urges Gilder to trust him. Which leads Linneus to the next question which is, "How do you feel about Sacha?" It occurs to Gilder that he's never considered this.

Atros sells Remy and Rory's contracts and immediately turns around and pays off his father's debt with his portion of the profits. That night Yvette throws him a party and try as he might, Atros can't fake it anymore. He snaps and finally tells Yvette the truth: that he's done. Keeping his calm, Atros admits to her that he's not in love with her and that he's never been and before she can protest, he tells her he doesn't think she's in love with him either, just the idea of him. Yvette protests, throwing a tantrum, telling him she's been in love with him since they were kids to which Atros responds, "We said three words to each other back then."

They go back and forth but Atros holds his ground, telling her flat out, "I don't love you, and I can't pretend to anymore but I'll be here for you and our child." Yvette fumes.

Gilder tells Linneus he has to go to Sacha. It breaks Linneus' heart, but he gets it and he supports it. Gilder tells Linneus that he's one of a kind, kisses him, and they say goodbye to each other.

Gilder finds Sacha and tells him he wants to stick with Sacha. Instead of being happy to see him Sacha tells Gilder to fuck off and tries to pick a fight with him. None of it gets to Gilder who just ends up grabbing Sacha, kissing him, and telling him to shut up and be happy for once in his life. They get to fucking.

Then they fail at killing Rhys and run off. Whoops.

After giving Atros the cold shoulder for several days, Yvette approaches him. She tells him that she felt the baby kick and he's genuinely happy about it. Seeing his enthusiasm, Yvette starts crying. She admits that she never really loved him, that she's just always been so lonely and just wanted him to love her and be with her. Atros, tries to comfort him as best he can (so bad at it) and promises that he'll be there for her that he and the baby will be there for her.

Linneus receives the keys to his new apartment (and new life) above the jewelry shop and moves in.

(Please. Like it'd really just end like that for them.)

Months later, Lilith, dressed in a fancy fucking gown, with a fat fucking engagement ring on her finger, grabs her fur coat, kisses Byron (her fiance) and heads out for a little shopping.

She stops by the jewelry shop and is surprised to see Linneus working there. They talk as she shops and it's weird, but good. Lilith shows off her ring and brags about how well HER brothel that she runs with Byron's doing. She boasts that "Even if the Atros hadn't turned the Teahouse back into an actual Teahouse, we would've definitely over taken them at the top."

Lilith asks him how he's doing. Linneus tells her he's doing well, that he's really enjoying his job, his apartment, and his new life. Lilith asks him if he's been back to the Teahouse and Linneus admits he hasn't. That he still sees Claret and Argent but that he keeps his distance. Lilith asks him if he knew that Yvette left town shortly after giving birth and Linneus tells her that he did but it doesn't change anything. If they were meant to be, they would've made it work by now.

As crazy as it sounds, Linneus admits that he's missed Lilith. She promises to visit him again soon.

Lilith's next stop: The Teahouse.

It really has been turned into an actual Teahouse. A quite popular one at that. Claret works the front of the house, Mercutio is a flirty waiter, and Argent is... well Argent.

Lilith says her hellos and heads to the back to find Atros... who's feeding baby Adele in his office. While he looks tired, Atros looks... almost happy. Adorable with Adele, Atros tends to her while talking to Lilith who's... clearly not into the whole baby thing.

Lilith gets down to it and asks Atros if Yvette's really left him. He tells her: No... she's just... she couldn't handle being a mother and she needed a vacation for a few months to think about things. Lilith tells Atros he's an idiot, tells him that Yvette's gone, and asks why Atros hasn't gone to Linneus. Atros is surprised, completely unaware that Linneus is still in town. Linneus tells him that Claret and Argent knew, but they both realize Linneus must've told them both not to say anything.

With a smirk, Lilith tells Atros, "If you want to know... I can tell you where he is."

Atros takes Adele and goes to see Linneus. The second they see each other, all the shit between them seems to melt away. Atros walks over to him and introduces Linneus to his daughter and Adele to Linneus, the love of his life.

The End.

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