TEAHOUSE Webcomic http://www.teahousecomic.com Teahouse is a yaoi webcomic about fancy whores en-us Linneus and Atros Summary PART 1 http://www.teahousecomic.com/comic/?id=222 Thu, 18 Dec 2014 08:48:00 +0000 http://www.teahousecomic.com/comic/?id=222 <a href="http://www.teahousecomic.com/comic/?id=222"><img src="http://images.teahousecomic.com/comic/img/comic/222.jpg" alt="Comic #222" title="Prepare for heartbreak in 3, 2, butthole."></a> <p>Ok so this is late (hey! it's like a Teahouse tradition!) AND it's only part 1.</p> <p>So here's the deal. I've been struggling with how to do Linneus and Atros' story and this is the conclusion I've come to, it's going to take more than one part. It may take only two, it may take three. Honestly, their stuff is so fucking dense that realistically, the post for them alone would be forever long. So I'm chopping it up.</p> <p>For this part though, it's ALL BACK STORY. By the end of this, you'll get why Atros is so fucked up in the head.</p> <p>And finally, before the actual post, we have something lined up for you guys tomorrow. Consider it a fun little gift from us to you for your loyalty through the years. <img src="http://www.teahousecomic.com/comic/img/smileys/smile.gif" width="16" height="16" alt=":)" title=":)"> Love you guys!</p> <p>LINNEUS AND ATROS<br> PART ONE: The Backstories</p> <p>NOTE: For the sake of clarity, Atros will be referred to as "Xanthe" while Atros senior will remain Atros senior.</p> <p>Shortly after realizing his crush on Linneus, Xanthe becomes slightly more affectionate. In little ways: like randomly bringing Linneus apples, or asking Linneus to play piano with him, or occasionally helping Linneus garden. And while it all looks innocent and platonic enough on the outside, Atros senior starts disapproving of how "sensitive" Xanthe has become and isn't a fan of how much time Xanthe is spending with a servant as feminine as Linneus. So at the age of fifteen, Atros senior decides it's time for Xanthe to become a man and pressures him into losing his virginity to a blonde courtesan named Colette -- one of Atros senior's favorites.</p> <p>The experience has a definite affect on Xanthe. Because of how emotionally closed off Xanthe is, before sex, he never really thought too much about the people around him in any sort of sexual way. After sex, his physical attraction towards women really starts to make him question, doubt, and reevaluate his feelings for Linneus. And according to Atros senior, "real men fuck women" and Linneus, of course, isn't a woman and that doesn't help.</p> <p>Linneus on the other hand, now about to hit puberty, starts realizing that he's got feelings for Xanthe and that extends beyond just friendship. Living in a brothel, this is about the time Linneus starts realizing that none of the girls or what they do really interest him. Their attractive male clients (and Xanthe) on the other hand, do.</p> <p>The summer before Xanthe's 18th birthday he comes home with news that he's got a girlfriend. It's also the first summer he sees post puberty Linneus. Just over 15, Linneus looks less like an adorable kid and more like the graceful, feminine character he is as an adult. It's a weird summer for both of them.</p> <p>After convincing himself that he doesn't have feelings for Linneus, Xanthe finds himself suddenly having feelings for Linneus all over again, only this time it's more confusion. Linneus suddenly has all these delicate features, his hair has gone from poofy to silky smooth, his lips are all pouty now, and Xanthe never noticed it before, but Linneus smells like roses. It's like a constant perfume Xanthe can't escape.</p> <p>And for Linneus it's hard because he wants to be a really good friend to Xanthe and know all about his life at boarding school but every time Xanthe talks about his girlfriend it's like a little knife stabbing him deeper and deeper in the heart. And even though Adele, Linneus' favorite courtesan taught him how to move like the girls around the house and straighten his hair (the way Xanthe seems to find attractive on girls) Linneus can't seem to get Xanthe to look at him let alone notice how hard he's trying. Linneus begins to realize that his crush on Xanthe may go unrequited.</p> <p>Meanwhile, Atros' senior's gambling has turned into a full blown problem. Over the years he's been squandering the family fortune and now he's started selling off the family's land. In an attempt to alleviate some of his debts, Atros senior starts aggressively pushing for Xanthe to consider marrying Yvette, a girl Atros has known since they were children and the daughter of a man Atros senior is in great debt to.</p> <p>No matter how hard Atros senior pushes it, Xanthe makes it abundantly clear that he's not interested. Regardless of the crush she has on him, Xanthe just can't see Yvette as anything other than that annoying girl who wouldn't stop tormenting Xanthe and pulling on his horse's hair.</p> <p>On a lighter note, this is also the summer that Xanthe gives beautiful matching amber necklaces to both Argent and Linneus. Necklaces they both vow to wear forever. (Note: Depending on the outfit, you can see Argent wearing this necklace in the pages.)</p> <p>A year later, Xanthe, 18 almost 19, comes home newly single. Linneus takes it as a sign that this is his chance to say something... but doesn't. He chickens out over and over and it's not because he doesn't get the chance, he gets plenty. He and Atros go riding, go into town together on several occasions, and they even have an evening on the roof together, on their backs, shoulder to shoulder, staring at the stars and watching an meteor shower and still Linneus chickens out.</p> <p>That being said, Xanthe is being just as much of a chicken as Linneus is. When Linneus asks what happened between him and his girlfriend, Xanthe simply tells him that it didn't work out when the truth is that when he went back to school, after the end of last summer, he'd sort of lost interest in his girlfriend. Things just weren't the same and after months of awkward fights and distance, she finally dumped him. And while Xanthe now realizes that he does have some very serious feelings for Linneus, he can't tell whether or not Linneus is flirting with him or just being Linneus... which makes Xanthe feel like a creepy pervert for thinking that way about a male.</p> <p>Right before the end of the summer, Atros senior again starts pushing Xanthe to consider marrying Yvette only this time he adds that Xanthe doesn't have much of a choice anymore. As it turns out, Atros senior's gambled everything away. The entirety of their family's fortune. The new owner of the Teahouse is Yvette's father and unless Xanthe marries Yvette, he plans on selling the house and all of its residents which will leave not only Atros senior homeless, but also Xanthe.</p> <p>Xanthe realizes that he really has no choice. And right before he leaves to return to boarding school Xanthe tells his father that he'll marry Yvette. Ashamed of what his father's done, scared of worrying the servants, and desperate to find a way out of his engagement, Xanthe tells no one about the engagement.</p> <p>Linneus, angry at himself for failing to tell Xanthe how he feels, decides he has to do it the morning before Xanthe leaves. This way if he feels the same way it's great, and if he doesn't, he'll just leave for school. That morning Linneus crawls into Xanthe's room through the window and spends the morning with Xanthe as he packs. In the minutes before he's ready to go, Linneus decides to go for it and kisses Xanthe, mid sentence.</p> <p>Sure enough, Xanthe's stunned...</p> <p>...and about a second later his mouth's on Linneus' and they're making out furiously. Groping. Hands all over the place when Atros senior calls out for Xanthe from outside his room. He has to go.</p> <p>Blue balls. It's the one thing Linneus didn't account for and both he and Xanthe end up with them. Hard.</p> <p>Their friendly letters turn into passionate ones. And the two spend several months corresponding everyday about everything from Xanthe explaining to Linneus that he's not really going to marry Yvette (but not why he had to get engaged to her) to Linneus telling Xanthe about the latest gossip about the house (like how Atros senior, Colette, and Adele are locked in a love triangle) to Xanthe telling Linneus what he thinks about doing to him day in and day out. Things get so heated over paper that Xanthe tells Linneus that instead staying at school during his short winter break, like he usually does, that he'll be making the long trip home. To see Linneus.</p> <p>So the winter break comes and about twenty minutes after arriving, Xanthe has Linneus in his arms, and not to long after, he's taking his virginity. The two spend end up spending their two weeks together making love to each other everywhere and anywhere they can get away with it and it's amazing.</p> <p>And they almost get away with it but they're brazen about their last kiss in the garden and Colette sees them. As soon as Xanthe is gone, Colette goes to Atros senior and tells him what she saw.</p> <p>Suddenly everything clicks for Atros senior. He realizes that what he thought was a weird friendship between his son and servant has now turned into a dangerous relationship that could possibly jeopardize his future and immediately he sets out to destroy it.</p> <p>Atros senior sets Adele out to intercept all of Linneus' letters to Xanthe and Atros senior blocks Linneus from receiving any of Xanthe's letters. Next he makes sure that Atros' marriage is announced in the local paper and makes a big deal about it around the house. Then, when Linneus asks him about whether or not he's received any letters from Xanthe for Linneus, Atros senior tells Linneus that he knows about them. That he's already told Xanthe how disgusting it was and that Xanthe admitted that he was ashamed of himself for sleeping with a man. That his shame was the reason the engagement was announced in the paper, because Xanthe suggested it. Linneus refuses to believe him.</p> <p>Frustrated with how much faith Linneus has in Xanthe, Atros senior rips the amber necklace off Linneus' neck. Decides he's going to get rid of Linneus and starts advertising Linneus' contract for sale specifically looking for buyers who live in neighboring countries like Verone. When Linneus finds out, he begs Atros senior not to sell him but Atros won't listen. Desperate, terrified of losing the family he has at the Teahouse and scared of being separated from Xanthe in a way that would make it impossible for them to find their way back to each other, Linneus tells Atros he'll do anything, including becoming a courtesan.</p> <p>On the flip side, Xanthe's confused as to why he isn't receiving any of Linneus' letters. He keeps writing and keeps writing. Eventually he starts writing his father about it. Suddenly Xanthe finds himself receiving congratulations from his classmates and discovers that his engagement to Yvette was officially announced. Unable to get a response from his family back home, Xanthe decides to fuck school and heads home.</p> <p>The first male courtesan in the area, Linneus becomes instantly popular. The first time Linneus sleeps with another man, he hates it. He hates it because he knows he's cheating on Xanthe and what's worse, he enjoys the sex. And it doesn't get any better with the next client, or the next.</p> <p>The last thing Xanthe ever expected to see when he walked into the Teahouse that evening was the love of his life, Linneus, dressed up in translucent silks and pearls, escorting another man into the house like he'd seen dozens of other courtesans do his entire life. But it's what happens and it breaks him.</p> <p>And when Linneus finally sees Xanthe, standing in the entryway, stunned, mouth open and eyes full of horror, the last thing Linneus ever thought he'd do was run away from Xanthe but it's exactly what he does. Client in hand, ashamed and full of guilt, Linneus turns away from Xanthe and kept walking. Even after Xanthe called out to him, Linneus kept walking.</p> <p>Feeling broken and hurt, Xanthe goes to Atros senior. Accuses him of forcing Linneus into becoming a courtesan. Hearing Atros senior tell Xanthe that it was Linneus' idea and choice is like a knife in the heart for Xanthe. He shoves the dagger in deeper by telling Xanthe just how popular Linneus is and how well he treats the clients. Disgusted Xanthe tries to walk away but before he can, Atros senior reminds him that this is all for the best since Xanthe's already engaged to Yvette. Xanthe tells his father to fuck off, that he's done with him.</p> <p>Xanthe waits for Linneus but it's awful. Wounded and hurt they have a massive fight. Linneus accuses Xanthe of lying, saying he never really had any intention of breaking off his engagement to Yvette. Angry, Xanthe demands to know why Linneus chose to become a whore and it's like a slap in the face for Linneus. Things just get uglier until finally, Xanthe walks away from the argument, away from Linneus, and away from the Teahouse.</p> <p>Shortly after Xanthe returns to school, he receives a letter. In the letter he finds out that Colette, in a jealous rage, killed Atros senior and his mother, Adele, before killing herself. Without a manager, Xanthe is presented two options: One, Yvette's father can sell the house and all of the servants out to the highest bidders or two, Xanthe can return home to marry Yvette and manage the house.</p> <p>Xanthe chooses to return home and marry Yvette.</p> Reed and Rory Summary http://www.teahousecomic.com/comic/?id=221 Thu, 11 Dec 2014 05:51:00 +0000 http://www.teahousecomic.com/comic/?id=221 <a href="http://www.teahousecomic.com/comic/?id=221"><img src="http://images.teahousecomic.com/comic/img/comic/221.jpg" alt="Comic #221" title="Daddy likes his babbles all squeaky clean. *barf*"></a> <p>I think it might actually be a good thing that we gave you guys Axis and Rhys first because Rory and Reed are like an angst level 1000 while Linneus and Atros are going to be like, angst level 9999.</p> <p>Anyway, ENJOY THE PALETTE CLEANSER! <img src="http://www.teahousecomic.com/comic/img/smileys/bigsmile.gif" width="16" height="16" alt=":D" title=":D"></p> <p>REED AND RORY<br> (or the summary with way too many "R" names in it.)</p> <p>Now that Rory and Reed have had sex, Rory is all in on Reed. Falling for him hard and making all sorts of efforts and basically looking at Reed like a boyfriend. Remy, being the creeper she is, notices Rory's new found feelings for Reed which annoy her to no end.</p> <p>During Reed's next visit, it's very obvious that he's had a bad day but that doesn't stop Rory from being super talkative. After sex Reed finally shuts him down with, "You do understand that I pay to fuck you, not listen to you talk, right?" Obviously upset (because he's just lost his virginity to this guy who keeps murdering all of his romantic aspirations) Rory asks if sex is really the only reason Reed comes to see him. To which Reed replies, "Of course it is. You're not even my type." This meeting doesn't end well.</p> <p>Remy sees Axis comes back to the Teahouse to clear his room (since he's moving into the castle) and she sets it up so that Rory walks in on Axis finger banging her in the kitchen. Insert an incredibly creepy image of Remy moaning while maintaining eye contact with Rory. (Axis of course has no clue this is going on because he's three fingers deep and busy.) Suffice it to say, Rory is horrified.</p> <p>Reed, having caught onto the fact that Rory was not happy with him, decides to ask Rhys for advice on how to "romance someone." That's when Rhys gives Reed this key piece of advice: "Buy him flowers. Give him chocolates. You've basically gotta treat this one like a girl because if you don't, you're going to hurt his feelings and he's going to sleep with someone else like your last courtesan did and then you're going to have to find yet another virgin. Dig?"</p> <p>Back at the Teahouse, Remy overhears that Atros is on the hunt for a replacement for Axis (which you'll hear more about next week). She immediately starts flirting with the clientele.</p> <p>Reed shows up with a beautiful bouquet of flowers for Rory and a kiss. It's everything Rory wants. A little romance, gifts that aren't sex toys, he's floored. So after a beautiful round of love making Rory asks Reed what inspired him to be so sweet.</p> <p>That's when Reed tells Rory that Rhys told him to just treat Rory like a girl.</p> <p>Believe it or not, Rory throws Reed the fuck out and tells him off. Tells him that he's (Rory's) NOT girly and that Reed's an asshole for thinking such. That Reed's the girly one for having such stupidly long hair. And then he slams the door in Reed's face.</p> <p>Reed goes back to Rhys, annoyed. Tells him that his advice didn't work and then when Rhys finds out that Reed TOLD Rory what Rhys said, Rhys tells Reed that he really is an idiot. That "the kid's" tried way harder to please Reed than any of the other courtesans he's been with. Reed knows he's right.</p> <p>Back to Remy, she flirts with one of Lilith's clients while he's waiting to see Lilith. So then when Lilith comes down to meet with her client, he's no where to be seen. So Lilith and Rory go looking for him when they find him, fucking Remy in the ass in the maids' quarters.</p> <p>Outraged, Lilith reports Remy to Atros and drags Rory into it. Unfortunately for Lilith though, Remy making a plea to Atros about how she wants to be a courtesan because she enjoys "all sorts of sex" and how it would "this ultimately saves Atros money," which of course wins Atros over.</p> <p>Voila, Remy goes from the maid's quarters to Axis' room.</p> <p>Reed, trying to figure out what Rory wants from him, wanting to make more of an effort for Rory, decides to get a hair cut. Takes what Rory said to him earlier as a sign that Rory doesn't like long hair. It all goes to Locks of Love.</p> <p>Axis stops back by to hang with Claret. She tells him that Remy's got his room now so Axis decides to check up on Remy and because there is no God, they of course end up boning. After sex, Remy turns on the innocent act and fills Axis in on how "Rory's been tormenting her."</p> <p>Axis, who never liked that little prick anyway, gets into a scuffle with Rory and ends up punching Rory, giving him a black eye. Shortly after, Lilith comes to Rory's defense and smacks Axis around and then is kicked out of the Teahouse by Argent. Remy fucking loves every minute of it.</p> <p>Reed and his short hair finally show up at the Teahouse and Rory's shocked. But not as shocked as Reed is when he sees Rory's face and finds out that it was Axis who gave him the black eye. Once Reed's all calmed down Rory asks why he cut his hair and he's genuinely touched to find out that Reed cut it because Rory said he didn't like it. Sure enough, Rory's back in love with Reed again.</p> <p>They have great sex and afterwards, in bed, Rory asks Reed about where he came from. Reed mentions how difficult it was to be gay and in the closet in Verone and how Rhys was the one who made him feel like it was ok. That he was normal. Reveals that they hooked up a few times before Reed found out how much of a slutty slut Rhys was which may or may not have made his mild OCD worse.</p> <p>Rory tells Reed that he thinks he's gay. That when he was growing up, that his sister used to torment him by flaunting her body in front of him. That he used to struggle with his feelings for her and that he didn't know how he was supposed to feel before Reed. That sex with Reed feels right.</p> <p>Reed asks Rory how he ended up at the Teahouse (and for those of you keeping score, this is the first time Reed's shown any interest in Rory's actual life) and Rory tells him that he did it for two reasons. One: because his mom was sick, that she'd been sick for a long time and that they needed the money to put her in care. And two: to get away from Remy. That he thought it'd be healthier for them to be apart.</p> <p>The next day when Reed leaves, he kisses Rory and asks him how he'd feel about Reed buying his contract. Rory is of course, ecstatic.</p> <p>Back at Rhys' castle, Reed hunts Axis down tells him to stay the fuck away from Rory, and punches him square in the jaw. Walks off like a boss.</p> <p>Remy, who now lives in Lilith's room (you'll know more about this next week) hears from Claret that Rory's excited because it sounds like Reed might buy his contract. She is NOT cool with this.</p> <p>In true Remy fashion, she puts on an act. Begs Rory to talk to her and then gives him a sob story about how she's sorry. That she hears he's leaving and that before he leaves, she wants him to know that she loves him.</p> <p>That night, in Rory's room, she tells him that she's happy for him. That the whole reason she's always been jealous of him, and cruel to him, is because their mother always liked him better. That she always felt less than him and she realizes now that she unfairly resented him for that.</p> <p>Rory eats it up with a spoon. Feeling awful for her, he embraces her and holds her as he sobs in her arms and in a particularly dramatic moment, Remy locks eyes with Rory and she kisses him.</p> <p>And Rory doesn't push her away.</p> <p>That's when we cut over to Reed at his house, making preparations for Rory, setting up a room for him. He's totally prepared to start a new life with Rory.</p> <p>Reed then goes to the Teahouse to finalize a deal with Atros for the purchase of Rory's contract. Rory, excited about this, greets him in the lobby and the two have a moment that's immediately ruined by Remy. Aware of Reed's hang ups, Remy tells Reed that she and Rory have slept together.</p> <p>Rory of course denies this. Swears up and down that they didn't, but then Remy calls him a liar and tells Reed that it all started with a kiss. That's when Rory stops arguing because (as we all know) that much of the story is true.</p> <p>Unable to deny the kiss, Rory begs Reed to forgive him. Swears up and down that they didn't sleep together. That after they kissed Rory threw Remy out. But it's too late. Unable to handle this new bit of information, Reed leaves without Rory.</p> <p>Angst angst about. This is where Reed throws himself into work, Rory eats his feelings, and things at the Teahouse start to fall apart (that part you'll know more about next week.).</p> <p>Reed, with a job to do at the palace, runs into Axis who ends up talking Reed into helping Axis talk to Rhys (refer to Rhys/Axis summary) and after the assassination attempt on Rhys, Reed realizes something. He misses Rory. He trusts Rory. Reed realizes deep down that he believes that Rory's telling him the truth and that he has to get Rory back.</p> <p>So Reed goes to the Teahouse, reunites with Rory, buys his contract, and takes him home where they live happily ever after.</p> <p>BTW, Reed also buys Remy's contract while he's at it and then sends her off to live in a monastery in the mountains with a bunch of nuns. Wah waaaaah.</p> <p>EPILOGUE.</p> <p>Reed buys Rory a bakery to run and Rory becomes the best pastry chef in the country while Reed continues peddling weapons of mass destruction.</p> <p>They also end up having babies. If you're thinking mpreg, stop. Don't be that person. They get a surrogate and have twin boys, one who's obviously like Rory and the other's eerily similar to Reed. It's as stupidly cute as you imagine.</p> <p>Remy remains stuck up in the mountains with a bunch of nuns.</p> <p>ADDITIONAL NOTE:</p> <p>Before anyone asks, because I know they will, whether or not Rory slept with Remy is something we never ever intend on answering. It's a very specific thing we've had planned since very early on because the entire point of it isn't who's telling the truth (Rory or Remy) it's that Reed cares enough about Rory to believe him and be with him.</p> <p>Also, of fucking course they didn't sleep together. That's gross.</p> Axis and Rhys Summary http://www.teahousecomic.com/comic/?id=220 Thu, 04 Dec 2014 03:04:00 +0000 http://www.teahousecomic.com/comic/?id=220 <a href="http://www.teahousecomic.com/comic/?id=220"><img src="http://images.teahousecomic.com/comic/img/comic/220.jpg" alt="Comic #220" title="All the feels with none of the dicks ;_;"></a> <p>BTW. I am temporarily going through comments and approving them so that you guys can have a last few weeks of talking to each other before it's all over. <img src="http://www.teahousecomic.com/comic/img/smileys/smile.gif" width="16" height="16" alt=":)" title=":)"> So if you post on disqus, just know it has to be approved before it shows up so if I'm asleep or in class it may take a while but as long as it's polite, it'll go up. Have fun!</p> <p>I know we said today was going to be Reed and Rory but I forgot and I started writing Axis and Rhys so today you get Axis and Rhys. <img src="http://www.teahousecomic.com/comic/img/smileys/bigsmile.gif" width="16" height="16" alt=":D" title=":D"></p> <p>Also, I posted the five pages E never got to draw on tumblr if you want to read that there: http://teahousecomic.tumblr.com/post/104267167011/to-tide-you-over</p> <p>ENJOY!</p> <p>RHYS AND AXIS - to the end.</p> <p>After fucking Rhys for the first time ever (GET IT, AXIS!) Axis finds out that Rhys is getting married. Not a good night for him mentally.</p> <p>Next day, Rhys gets married. That night Axis expects to spend the night alone, but Rhys shows up and sleeps with him Axis. That night Axis looks at Rhys' wedding band and has a terrible realization that he wants to stay with Rhys.</p> <p>The next morning Axis tells Rhys he wants to stay in the castle. That he wants Rhys to buy his contract.</p> <p>Rhys tells him that he doesn't want to own him, that he just wants to keep seeing him, to keep fucking him. Axis of course asks "What makes you think I'd keep coming back for more?" And Rhys looks right through him with that cock sure face of his and tells him, "because you do."</p> <p>Palace living is a'ight but Axis is bored as fuck. While hanging out with Evie is fun and being waited on hand and foot is nice, being a kept man is BORING AS FUCK. Rhys apparently doesn't have time for him and yet still finds the time to fuck other people, including Gloria, which is extra frustrating for Axis because Axis and Gloria know each other. In fact, they've slept together.</p> <p>Axis isn't from Ivore. Like Reed and Gloria, he's from Verone and he belongs to one of Verone's oldest noble families. His name isn't even really Axis, it's Aaron. The black sheep of the family who refused to conform to Veronian society, at sixteen Axis cut ties with his family and ran away to Ivoire, dyed his hair red, and sold himself to his first courtesan house. Axis and Rhys are two sides of the same coin.</p> <p>Rhys on the other hand is struggling. Gloria's backseat driving every one of his political decisions and even though she hates him, she keeps demanding they have sex every night so that she can get pregnant and pop out an heir. And then of course there's Zephyr who's still in love with Rhys and in hate with Axis who, by the way, is demanding more and more of his time. So he's stressed.</p> <p>To make things worse, Reed is around less and less. And it's something Rhys struggles with because Reed is more than just Rhys' best friend, he's the man Rhys has been in love with since he was a teenager. He's who Rhys confides in, the only guy in the world that totally gets him. But now Reed has Rory which leaves Rhys feeling alone with all of his struggles.</p> <p>And when Axis finds out about Rhys and Reed having a past, all their shit comes to a head. Jealous but refusing to admit it, Axis tells Rhys he's sick of being bored and Rhys tells Axis that he really needs to get a life and that he can't spend his days just waiting for Rhys to show up and entertain him. And of course, Axis being Axis, he gets fired up and tells Rhys to go fuck himself, because he's going to go get a job.</p> <p>And he does, as Ash's metal smithing apprentice. And it works out at first. Axis gets out of the castle and Rhys' hair, and he really starts enjoying the craft. He and Ash get along so well that they start spending more and more time together. Ash even hits it off with Evie and she starts hanging up her dresses to wear pants and hang out with them at pubs incognito. The three become a bit of a trio.</p> <p>Axis' new found lack of availability of course starts annoying Rhys because while Rhys may not realize it yet, he's clearly developed feelings for Axis and he misses him. These men are idiots.</p> <p>And once Rhys finally SEES Ash, he starts having problems with him because, well, Ash is hot. You've seen him, you know what I'm talking about. Rhys gets snippy with Axis about how he doesn't want Evie spending time with Ash because he's a lowly blacksmith and that's when Axis finally calls him out on his shit. Straight up calls him out on being an asshole who sleeps with everyone, is in love with his best friend, and jealous of Axis being close with another man. This of course doesn't go well and the two have a massive fight.</p> <p>Axis starts crashing with Ash, who comforts him like the bro he is. Axis misreads Ash's intentions and he kisses him. While Ash doesn't push Axis away, he doesn't kiss back. Ash tells him that it'll never work out between them because one, Ash is straight and secretly dating Evie, and two, Axis is clearly only kissing Ash because he's hurt and unwilling to admit that he's in love with Rhys.</p> <p>Rhys on the other hand takes comfort in Zephyr ONCE AGAIN or at least he tries to. The two make out, and start getting frisky with each other, but it's just not the same. Rhys needs more, wants Axis, and Zephyr isn't Axis. For the first time in his life, he apologizes to Zephyr. Tells him he deserves better, and goes back to his own room. Alone.</p> <p>That's when he finds Gloria in his room, waiting to tell Rhys that she's pregnant.</p> <p>Knowing that Ash is right, the next morning, Axis goes to the palace to tell Rhys that he wants to be with him. That it's clear to him that they both want to be together. That he loves him. But the guards won't let Axis in. Apparently Axis is no longer welcome within the palace walls and all of his things have been sent to Ash's house.</p> <p>Axis goes back to Ash's, where he finds his stuff along with a note from Rhys.</p> <p>The letter tells Axis that Gloria's pregnant. That Rhys, still dealing with the guilt he felt not being there for his sister or his father when he died, needs to be a better father than he was a son. That he needs to grow up. He wishes Axis he the best and includes Axis' contract with the letter.</p> <p>Axis approaches Reed. Reed, already instructed to not bring Axis into the castle by Rhys, tells Axis he can't help him. Reed tells Axis to go home, to stop running away from who he is. That's when Axis pleads with him, tells him that "he can't go back to Verone, not when he's in fucking love with a man. That's why you left, isn't it?" This piques Reed's interest, because Axis is right, being a homosexual man is exactly why he left Verone. Now sympathetic to Axis' plight (WHICH IS A FIRST) Reed agrees to take Axis to Rhys.</p> <p>Rhys prepares for some diplomatic meeting (with a country I hadn't fully thought out yet because this was supposed to be like, seven issues later) when he's attacked by a small mint haired assassin. Zephyr comes to his defense and strikes back, wounding the assassin deeply. Before he can kill Sacha though, Gilder shows up, saves Sacha and they take off.</p> <p>Wounded by arrows, left eye cut deeply, bleeding profusely, Rhys is rushed to a doctor just as Reed and Axis get there. And as soon as they get word of what's happened, they rush to his side.</p> <p>While he loses an eye (and wears a jewel encrusted eye patch) Rhys lives. (Because we're not Clamp.) Axis, Evie, Reed, Zephyr and even Gloria all loyally stay by his side until he comes to and once he does, he and Axis finally have that talk you've all been waiting for. The one with real feelings. Rhys again tries to push Axis away, telling him that he was just using him for sex when Axis just straight out says, "You're a fucking idiot. You weren't just using me for sex. You love me... and I love you."<br> And how does Rhys respond?</p> <p>By awkwardly saying "thank you" and changing the subject. Which of course pisses Axis off, which of course leads to him storming off.</p> <p>But it's like five minutes before Rhys sends Zephyr to get Axis back and Rhys is telling Axis that he's right. That he does have feelings for him and that he wants him to move back into the palace. That as much as he hates to admit it, that he needs Axis, and only Axis, back in his life.</p> <p>Yaaaaay! Boyfriends!</p> <p>EPILOGUE.</p> <p>Rhys HASN'T failed completely as a king and Axis ends up Ash's partner in business and they become the kingdom's premiere blacksmiths.</p> <p>Evie ends up marrying Ash. They have a bazillion children. It's disgustingly cute.</p> <p>Rhys and Gloria ended up having two kids, Aaron and Zephyr (Rhys named Aaron without Gloria's permission and Gloria named Zephyr without Rhys' permission) which of course pissed Axis off because a second kid required Rhys to sleep with Gloria a few more times but hey, Gloria gets what Gloria wants.</p> <p>Axis actually makes for a pretty cute "uncle" and Rhys of course is a ridiculously goofy father.</p> <p>Rhys gives Axis a duplicate of Rhys' ring and Axis wears it. While they're not officially married, they're monogamous (which is really the furthest these two would want to go anyway) and in the end, very happy.</p> <p>BTW, you Zephyr fans, he ends up with Vann. I'll probably do a small write up for them later on tumblr or something because I am beat.</p> <p>-XOXO CC</p> Teahouse is Ending http://www.teahousecomic.com/comic/?id=219 Wed, 26 Nov 2014 17:19:00 +0000 http://www.teahousecomic.com/comic/?id=219 <a href="http://www.teahousecomic.com/comic/?id=219"><img src="http://images.teahousecomic.com/comic/img/comic/219.jpg" alt="Comic #219" title="We are so grateful for you. We truly, truly are. Thank you for everything you've given us these past 4 years."></a> <p>First of all, we'd like to thank you guys for all of your support and loyalty over the past few years. Without you, this comic would never have become what it is today and for that we'll forever be grateful. Thank you.</p> <p>E and I have both reached points in our lives now where we can no longer keep doing Teahouse. For as much as it's brought to us through the years, it's also been a massive amount of work and though we'd love to keep doing it, it's just gotten unrealistic. We've talked about ways we could possibly keep the book going without us being as involved but none of them really work for us. I'm still dealing with school 3000 hours a day and E now has a full-time job in animation and between the two of us we have 0 hours to spend with our husbands let alone our gaybies. As much as you will miss us, just imagine how angry Axis is that E's not going to be able to draw that rimming scene I wrote for her. (I'm not even kidding. He was chin deep.)</p> <p>So you might be asking yourself, "Well, what the fuck happens now? How does this shit end? Why are you all being such jerks?" to which we have a response: "Don't worry, we're going to tell you everything and post it all on the site and we're jerks because our mothers raised us wrong. Sorry. <img src="http://www.teahousecomic.com/comic/img/smileys/frown.gif" width="16" height="16" alt=":(" title=":(">"</p> <p>Here's how it's going to work:</p> <p>December 3rd: A written summary of Rory and Reed's storyline to the end.<br> December 10th: A written summary of Rhys and Axis' storyline to the end.<br> December 17th: A written summary of Linneus and Atros' storyline to the end along with Gilder, Sacha, Claret, Argent, and Lilith because all of the secondary characters tie into them the most.</p> <p>As for the books and merch, what's up in the store right now will be the the last of it. We don't plan on doing any more conventions so we won't be printing any more books or making any more merch. Everything left is on sale so if you were thinking about picking anything up, grab it then before it's gone forever.</p> <p>For those of you on the BL tour, it's still on, E will still be there. Be sure to shower her with questions then cause it'll probably be the last time you can.</p> <p>And now I'd like to just take a second to thank E. Thank you for listening to my immature ass when I first said to you, "DOOD. We could totally make a porno!!!" In retrospect it was pretty crazy that I literally pushed us into this venture with the thought, "how hard could it be?" If it weren't for you, Teahouse wouldn't exist, Emirain wouldn't exist, and most of all, I would have no idea that I'd want to pursue writing seriously. I am literally in school right now because you had faith in what we could do as a team and I don't know if I could ever properly thank you for that. You've literally changed my life. I love you forever, you are the Emi to my Rain. Thank you.</p> <p>And to all of you who've been with us through it all, we love you too.</p> <p>-XOXO CC &amp; E</p> Chapter 7: Page 9 http://www.teahousecomic.com/comic/?id=218 Wed, 24 Sep 2014 15:08:00 +0000 http://www.teahousecomic.com/comic/?id=218 <a href="http://www.teahousecomic.com/comic/?id=218"><img src="http://images.teahousecomic.com/comic/img/comic/218.jpg" alt="Comic #218" title="DENIED"></a> <p>Hey guys, uploading this before my very first day of work. Wish me luck!</p> <p>Now we're officially on hiatus. Please check the news on the sidebar for more info. I'll keep you guys updated.</p> Chapter 7: Page 8 http://www.teahousecomic.com/comic/?id=217 Wed, 17 Sep 2014 18:48:00 +0000 http://www.teahousecomic.com/comic/?id=217 <a href="http://www.teahousecomic.com/comic/?id=217"><img src="http://images.teahousecomic.com/comic/img/comic/217.jpg" alt="Comic #217" title="Axis, forever the charmer."></a> <p>This comes to you right after YaoiCon, thanks everyone who stopped by our table <img src="http://www.teahousecomic.com/comic/img/smileys/smile.gif" width="16" height="16" alt=":)" title=":)"> And those of you who were at the panel got to see the very next page as well!</p> <p>EDIT:</p> <p>BIG CHANGE + HIATUS</p> <p>I know some of you are going "really, again?"</p> <p>I need to put Teahouse on hiatus because I recently (just found out today) got a full-time job in animation. I'm putting Teahouse on break because my schedule is going to be drastically different compared to when I was just doing Teahouse. There's going to be an adjustment period while I get used to my new job and figure out exactly how much Teahouse I can handle.</p> <p>The important thing to keep in mind is, even if Teahouse's upload schedule has to change, I don't want to end Teahouse. This is a life changing event for me and it's going to be hard work but I would like to continue Teahouse.</p> <p>For now, I don't have an end date in mind for the hiatus, but the earliest we could come back is Nov 4. I realize we're in the middle of an intense Axis x Rhys scene and it sucks to have to prolong it on a break, but to me it's preferable to delay it than to quit outright.</p> <p>I appreciate so much all of the support you guys have given us throughout the years. Thank you again, you guys are just amazing.</p> <p><img src="http://www.teahousecomic.com/comic/img/smileys/heart.gif" width="16" height="16" alt="&lt;3" title="&lt;3"> E</p> <p>(PS there will still be a new page for tomorrow, might have to put it up tonight though)</p> Chapter 7: Page 7 http://www.teahousecomic.com/comic/?id=216 Wed, 10 Sep 2014 20:09:00 +0000 http://www.teahousecomic.com/comic/?id=216 <a href="http://www.teahousecomic.com/comic/?id=216"><img src="http://images.teahousecomic.com/comic/img/comic/216.jpg" alt="Comic #216" title="Yes, Rhys. Yes you are."></a> <p>I'm dying to have my coffee so I'm just gonna leave this here.</p> <p>This may not be the Axis reaction everyone was expecting, but I think it gives some nice insight into Axis' compassionate side <img src="http://www.teahousecomic.com/comic/img/smileys/bigsmile.gif" width="16" height="16" alt=":D" title=":D"> (wait, he has one!?)</p> Chapter 7: Page 6 http://www.teahousecomic.com/comic/?id=215 Thu, 04 Sep 2014 01:28:00 +0000 http://www.teahousecomic.com/comic/?id=215 <a href="http://www.teahousecomic.com/comic/?id=215"><img src="http://images.teahousecomic.com/comic/img/comic/215.jpg" alt="Comic #215" title="all by mysellllllf"></a> <p>Sorry for the late upload and the break in Axis and Rhys. Next week is legit Axis and Rhys together. Be ready for it.</p> Chapter 7: Page 5 http://www.teahousecomic.com/comic/?id=214 Wed, 27 Aug 2014 18:39:00 +0000 http://www.teahousecomic.com/comic/?id=214 <a href="http://www.teahousecomic.com/comic/?id=214"><img src="http://images.teahousecomic.com/comic/img/comic/214.jpg" alt="Comic #214" title="Hello Rhys. Welcome to Rock Bottom."></a> <p>Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd there it is. The moment when Rhys breaks.</p> <p>NOTE:<br> Hey guys, let's all take a second to remember that the King was Evie's daddy too and that she had to go through losing him all on her own because her brother couldn't keep his dick zipped up. She's allowed to be angry at him. Even Prince Charming isn't always that Charming. <img src="http://www.teahousecomic.com/comic/img/smileys/heart.gif" width="16" height="16" alt="&lt;3" title="&lt;3"> -XOXO CC</p> Chapter 7: Page 4 http://www.teahousecomic.com/comic/?id=213 Wed, 20 Aug 2014 18:37:00 +0000 http://www.teahousecomic.com/comic/?id=213 <a href="http://www.teahousecomic.com/comic/?id=213"><img src="http://images.teahousecomic.com/comic/img/comic/213.jpg" alt="Comic #213" title="You'd think Rhys had hit rock bottom, but wait for it..."></a> <p>Vigilant readers will notice this room had a completely different color scheme previously in Chapter 6. That's because we are changing it to this before it goes to print. The other version was a little too much like Axis' room and I wasn't into that. We will be going back and changing the old pages and uploading new versions, as well as changing them for print.</p> <p>I still don't have script for the extra sex pages in Chapter 6 so I don't have an ETA on when that chapter will be out.</p> <p>EDIT: Final page is up!</p> Page 2 http://www.teahousecomic.com/comic/sacha/?id=3 Wed, 29 Aug 2012 07:02:00 +0000 http://www.teahousecomic.com/comic/sacha/?id=3 <a href="http://www.teahousecomic.com/comic/sacha/?id=3"><img src="http://www.teahousecomic.com/comic/sacha/img/comic/3.png" alt="Comic #3" title=""></a> <p></p> Page 1 http://www.teahousecomic.com/comic/sacha/?id=2 Wed, 29 Aug 2012 07:01:00 +0000 http://www.teahousecomic.com/comic/sacha/?id=2 <a href="http://www.teahousecomic.com/comic/sacha/?id=2"><img src="http://www.teahousecomic.com/comic/sacha/img/comic/2.png" alt="Comic #2" title=""></a> <p></p> Journal of Sacha http://www.teahousecomic.com/comic/sacha/?id=1 Wed, 29 Aug 2012 06:54:00 +0000 http://www.teahousecomic.com/comic/sacha/?id=1 <a href="http://www.teahousecomic.com/comic/sacha/?id=1"><img src="http://www.teahousecomic.com/comic/sacha/img/comic/1.png" alt="Comic #1" title="Cover"></a> <p></p>